34th International Conference on VIBROENGINEERING

34th International Conference on VIBROENGINEERING

19-21st October, 2018 in Shanghai, China

Main theme: "Vibration Engineering – Problems and Applications"

34th International Conference on VIBROENGINEERING was held in Shanghai, China. Its our second conference in Shanghai and 6th conference in China. The conference will cover a wide range of Vibration Engineering problems and applications related to aerospace, transport, energy, seismic, infrastructure, environmental, military, civil engineering and other industries.

Conference is designed for researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research results, foster discussion, new ideas, develop partnerships and also publish conference paper in Vibroengineering Procedia indexed in major scientific databases.

The Conference is organized by JVE International, Hohai University (Department of Engineering Mechanics), China University of Mining and Technology, Beihang University (Institute of Reliability Engineering).

JVE conferences feature a broad range of high-level technical presentations, vibrant discussions and key experts and scientists from all over the world. The conference will provide an opportunity to communicate your recent research advances, exchange ideas in innovative engineering technologies and enjoy endless networking advantages. With your participation, this Conference will prove to be an exciting scientific event, a fruitful opportunity to promote scientific research and technological development of Vibroengineering and its applications.

Hohai University (Department of Engineering Mechanics) China University of Mining and Technology Beihang University (Institute of Reliability Engineering) Vibration Research